Answers?  Who'se got 'em?  I don't.  My question right now is how do i get rid of this pounding sinus headache that has been plaguing me all day?  Sometimes I have deeper questions that that.  Sometimes i choose not to ask questions.  Somedays I wake up in the morning and feel like I have life figured out.  I have a plan and a purpose and attainable daily goals, but by 11 am, I'm usually full of questions again. 

Nighttime is for not asking questions.  If i ask questions at night, i won't sleep.  I have no answers to any questions right now.  The meaning of life, love, God, Rock n Roll, work.  It's all one big question to me right now.  Why are we here?  Why Am I here? 

I am trying to live in the present at all times.  If there are people around me, I try to treat them with as much love and kindness as I have in me.  When I'm alone, I just try and breathe, and enjoy breathing and look at the sky or the trees or watching birds while going on walks.  Other than this, i don't know much. 

Where meaning comes from seems to change on a daily basis.  People bring meaning to everything, but what about success? What about Failure? Lots of Failure?  What about laziness? What about soulfulness?  What about Love and sex and God and the trees and the sky and the music playing in your head at any given time.  What is the meaning? 

"What is the color when Black is burned?" Neil Young wrote that.  That's a good question. 



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- We are so glad you & Ryan had a great time. Delicious food, perfect weaehtr, Small World, fireworks show (me covering my ears, lol), shopping at The Imporium on Main Street and good company! It was a great night. We don't know how ever else to thank you for what you have done to make our engagement and wedding memorable. God bless.
marinda - well, the past five years for me, as you know, were totally life cianghng. some of which, i thought for a while were bad, a test, punishment.. but thinking back, now i know it was all worth it.for the past five years i am thankful for: being in the air force, meeting and marrying derek, for our kids malia and auren. and im super super thankful that on the 28th of this month, derek will be getting baptized and soon after that we will be able to offer malia and auren!

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