Steroids, Spicy Thai Soup and New Music

I can't believe it's been since February since the last blog post.  I know everyone has been waiting intently...

Today  I took Steroids.  I don't know if it was the first time, but they were definitely administered by a doctor.  He said I should be hitting home runs, winning a tour de france, and have an overall better "core" strength for moving things like couchs with one arm. 

I am moving a couch over my balcony tomorrow afternoon with a rope.  It wouldn't fit in the elevator and so we are going to lift it up 8 stories into my living room.  That is why I needed steriods this week. 

Really, I needed steriods because my throat got in a fight with my lungs who were just trying to cough out some unneccesary foreign objects that found their way in somehow.  i think my lungs pushed their luck though and my throat got mad.  My lungs must have won the fight, because my throat is raw.  Like eddie murphy raw. live.  like it is that obscence if you could it see it, you would be offended.

spicy thai soup has been my favorite food as of late. i love swing thai's veggie soup extra spicy.  I figured since I was sick this was the only cure on top of the steroids and codiene prescribed to me this morning.  the doctor should just prescribe spicy thai to everyone that is sick.  It fixed everything.  It fixed my throat, my cough, my aches, it fixed my soul.  Soup. Who would've thought.  Especially on a hot day like this.  Chasing it with a swig of cough syrup didn't hurt at all...

PS.  I have some unreleased music that I will be releasing over the course of July.  It's only 4 songs.  Its something different than I've ever done before. Keep your ears peeled and eyes on facebook!  I think I will call it Spicy Thai And Steriods!

Happy Summer!


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I found this post earlier today while in the office Very useful Sent the link to myself and will most likely bookmark when I make it home
Have we determined that it is physiological and not psychological?

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