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my name is ryan FLick.  Thanks for your interest in my music.  This is more of an auto-biography than a biography written by someone who has studied me and my life and what i do.  

I love music.  I always have.  Its an unexplainable love in my life.  I need it like food.  Like water.  If i didnt have food or water though, i probably wouldn't care too much about music.  but that's an extreme case.  

i began writing songs when i was 17 years old. there were a few acoustic demos made during that time, that have been lost to my box of things that i dont show anyone.  Like the first time you learned to cook a casserole and it turned out like a burnt shoe with cheese on top.  But it led to the next thing, which was a little better.  

for the next edition i moved to oklahoma where i met a friend who was a huge influence on me musically and encougared me to record some more of what new songs i had shown him.   this was a 4 song demo that included 2 songs with drums and bass and electric guitars.  i still love that recording.   it had the songs on your side, anything and everything, the freedom song and point of view.  

it took until 2008 until i bought my own recording equipment and made the skin and bones ep in my living room of my apartment.  this was a big move forward for me and felt like a huge release to get it out into the public.  I still play these songs regularly and they feature some of my best writing.

Sky So Deep is a collection of all my best stuff from the short tenure i've had as a songwriter.   it defines most of the music i love from folk, rock, jazz, country, and blues.  it really was a labor of love. and when i say labor, i mean like giving birth. it took about 9 months from its inception until physical fruition.  it's not perfect. its real though.  real musicians making real music in real time.  no computers.   it's the first time recording with a band and doing overdubs and full production. my great friend rick buitron is on drums and really showcases his influence on the songs.    

from my first love of jimi hendrix, to metallica, to ryan adams, dave matthews band, bob dylan and pretty much anything to come out of new orleans.  It is impossible for all these sounds not to influence what comes out of my head and heart and into the air.  

i dont know where we are headed as we go down this road. i hope you're going down it with me. however rocky it may get,  It may get downright unbearably joyful too. 


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