Greatness Lost

Greatness Lost.  I just wrote a blog on love And life and the Struggles of Our times and hit Publish, typed in my password like every other time I write a blog, and it dissapeared into the ether.  It may have been my masterpiece.  It entailed the trials of love like a modern day Shakespeare and may have put me into history with the other great writers on love. 

I had Planned on Moving to France to Further discuss my Blog and it's revealing secrets on the human condition, and why we will never find our true love.  To sing songs to French women and learn just enough French to tell them I am hungry.  We would drink wine and eat chocolate and pastries and walk around all day talking about love. And they would have no idea what I am Saying in English, but it would just sound nice. And We would make paintings of each other and hang them in musuems. 

I don't know why I lost this blog.  Perhaps the world was not ready for it.  Perhaps too many people would've figured themselves and the secret to the universe out after reading it.  It was too powerful.  Maybe that special "one" Would've found it appealing and we would've fallen in love and sang choruses from mountaintops and slept on the clouds in white robes and harps and eaten grapes and drunk wine from golden chalices and have sex 7 times a day, and sleep and eat when we felt like it.  This blog was that good. 

But you will never know it's brilliance.  You will never know how I channeled the spirit of Cupid and Barry Manilow, and all the cheesy mid 90's movies, like "You've Got mail" to write this spectacular Heartbreaking BAllad of A blog.  If I smoked Cigarettes, I would have one.  A french one. 

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