I Don't Know

THe Last Time I was in New Orleans, I witnessed a band whose lead singer, also the drummer, playing a song which I assumed was titled "I Don't know".  The only lyrics for the song were, "I don't know", sung over and over again in various ways.  i mean 100 times or more. i left before song was over, so it could have got up into the 1000's. 

this singer was obviously heavily intoxicated, but still managed to play just fine.  his head looked like it was held to his body by a wet noodle, and the rest of his limbs looked like a puppeteer was controlling them, but he didn't miss a beat.  he was right on.  leading the band like any good drummer should. 

it got me thinking... sometimes i just don't know.  sometimes i just play the song without knowing anything.  just going ahead because i have to. like a long drawn out jam, monotous and groovy at the same time.

as terrible as this song was, that's what i took from it. 

today I don't know. I am just alive. i am just here. not happy or sad.  no direction and no particular place to go or people to see.  it's pretty great actually, but it's also saturday.  i don't want to live like this everyday.  buy sometimes it's all i can do to let my head and limbs be tossed about by the world, stay on beat and just say, "I don't know". 


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