Listen to Spotify by the riverside.

I was going to begin this blog with 2011 not being the best year ever.  it had moments of brilliance, and scenes of sheer terror.  I will leave it at that.

2011 was the first year i gave up on buying albums.  i found spotify.  why buy another album again? unless of course it hasn't been released on spotify yet.   i found myself listening to less albums. even less complete songs.  i click on something for a minute or two and move on.  i am not invested.  i will give a purchased piece of music a fair chance. if it's free, i have no reason to. 

like anything that comes easy, there's no reason to stick with it or respect it. a free concert, a free painting,  a free relationship. (i am not referring to hookers). everything that is worth something, costs something.  even a gift, cost somebody something and we respect that when we may receive it for free.

i am scared that i get too much for free.  except gas and food.  i could always use free gas and food.  but good times are often overlooked in hopes for better times.  good people and good relationships are taken for granted in search for the perfect ones.  if something is really good, i don't even enjoy it  for very long.  I just want more of it. 

my goals/resolutions/commitments/re-commitments/hopes/dreams/workout plans/eating habits/hopes that the broncos win in the playoffs are trite and unimportant to anyone that reads this.  but...

what i want to say looking back about 2011 is that i feel truly blessed to have as much as i do, and to have the good and kind people i know around me to share it all with. old and new.  i give thanks to jesus and god for these blessings, and hope and learn how to give even a part of what i have back to everyone i love. 

cheers to a joyfilled and satisfying 2012! 

"listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul." ~ Jerry Garcia





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