No press and late night dowloading

I have no basis for the title of this blog, other than the fact that I am indeed downloading music this early morning, and that I have no press for my album. 

Does anyone know how to get press?  I mean not like tabloid/jay leno press.  (Though I prefer Dave Letterman)  But I mean how to get the material to the right people that can rate it for better or worse? til death do them part? 

I need a press guy/gal.  I am no good at this. 

Also, my left hand/ middle finger have locked up on me tonight for no apparent reason.  I haven't used that finger all the often lately.  I wonder what it is. 

This is the kind of stuff I am asking you to forgive whilst you read.  I promise these blogs will get better.  I mean, we'll get into all sorts of philosophy on the faces of coltrance, on the meaning of the age 27 and its relevance to death for a rockstar, and the best years of Grateful Dead, Ryan adams and the cardinals, and Dave Matthews band, and what years we all think were the "Glory Days" of those bands.  Yes, these blogs will come.  But tonight, I can not promise more than what you have read thus far. 

I am a single 28 year old man/boy.  A manboy.  ANd I have no advice. Only pure drivel for those others willing to allow me to divuldge into this vast space of a brain. A brain full of whiskey and women getting naked.  lets face it, someone getting naked is much better than them actually being naked.  Atleast, from a mans perspective.  Once the shock has settled in that this person is naked and how great it is.  It just gets awkward.  thoughts of "maybe I should get naked too..." come to mind. Or maybe I shouldn't.  Depends on the person. Depends on where you are (physical location and emotionally) really, no one wants to see a sad naked person. 

I am not naked right now.  I am clothed.  Good night.  More coherent thoughts to come.

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