Playing not to lose.

playing not to lose.  I watched the Broncos do this all season.  Even when they won.  i don't know statistically what the odds of winning are by playing not to lose, but for these purposes lets say 51 %.

51%.  that's winning in the long run.  you've won more than you've lost.  lets say that every season the Broncos play, they win 51 percent of their games.  they would statistically be a winning team on paper. 

lets say of all the games they win though, they never go to the superbowl.  they never win a playoff game. they never win any big profile high pressure games ever, but they still win 51%.  is this a successful team? 

i play not to lose.  i care too much about failing.  i would rather die at 51% winning safe with no major embarassments, than risk a losing percentage and live with great stories.   

but what if i died at 49%?  what if i died losing the majority of my games, but the games i won were big?  what if i won the superbowl 3 times and still had a 49% winning percentage?  Would I be a success then? 

what if, when the game is on the line, i risk it everytime and go for broke?  potentially falling flat on my face in front of millions of viewers worldwide.

i hate playing not to lose.  life is not the stockmarket.  or vegas.  both of which have proven to be just as risky as the other, even if you know what you are doing.  it's boring.  it involves too much control. too much worrying.  there are no stories to tell, and you always fly under the radar.  no press.  i am not saying i want to be in the tabloids either. i just want to be able to tell a great story.   

 i am living this year to win.  even if i lose.  I am not living anymore not to lose. i've never broken any bones. and i don't plan on doing anything risky physically, but maybe skydiving shouldn't be out of the question in 2012. 

or the superbowl...



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