Playing not to lose.

playing not to lose.  I watched the Broncos do this all season.  Even when they won.  i don't know statistically what the odds of winning are by playing not to lose, but for these purposes lets say 51 %.



Listen to Spotify by the riverside.

I was going to begin this blog with 2011 not being the best year ever.  it had moments of brilliance, and scenes of sheer terror.  I will leave it at that.

2011 was the first year i gave up on…


I Don't Know

THe Last Time I was in New Orleans, I witnessed a band whose lead singer, also the drummer, playing a song which I assumed was titled "I Don't know".  The only lyrics for the song were, "I don't know", sung…


No press and late night dowloading

I have no basis for the title of this blog, other than the fact that I am indeed downloading music this early morning, and that I have no press for my album. 

Does anyone know how to get press?  I…



Well this is my first blog attempt of the new website.  I am hoping to get people to come and read whatever it is that a blog is intended to be.  Bare with me at my first few attempts at…